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Let's End the Student Loan Crisis One Family at a Time!

Learn how to better serve Gen X clients, and rescue them from their #1 financial fear — paying for their children's college…

Learn how to better serve Gen X clients, and rescue them from their #1 financial fear – paying for their children’s college.

We’re on a Mission to Revolutionize our Industry’s Approach to College Funding Advice.

We intend to empower financial advisors with the tools they need to help families make an informed college buying decision.

Mass affluent families with college bound children want to know how to pay for college & save for retirement simultaneously. Advisors who know how to provide the solution are rare & in demand.

Join us for a deep dive into the process we use in our firm everyday to help clients navigate the stressful process of funding their children’s college education.

Build a Business Around College Planning Advice

Learn a powerful process to help normal families pay for college without robbing retirement.

We’ll teach you how to build a business around college planning advice, to attract & retain clients in an easier way than you have ever considered.

Get a 2-pronged system to deliver your clients the best college planning advice & how to build a thriving business that makes client acquisition & retention simpler.

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Joe is my go to expert for all things college planning. His fee-for-service, fiduciary approach, is a breath of fresh air in a world that has seen a lot of abuse from the insurance industry. He's an excellent speaker and trainer, and I highly recommend his work!

Alan Moore, MS, CFP®

Director of Speeding Things Up & Co-Founder XY Planning Network


Part One
The Mechanics of College Funding – How to Do College Planning the Right Way

Learn how we cracked the code and developed a unique 6-step process that has helped hundreds of families across the country.

Videos, worksheets, and extra resources you can use to help your clients right away.

Get 8.5 hours CE from the CFP Board.

Learn at your own pace.

Part Two
Marketing College Planning & Building a Business as Your Local Expert

Build a practice you love with college funding.

Become a sought after advisor in an under-served niche.

Learn to build centers of influence with group presentations & 1 on 1 interactions.

Learn a proven, sales, marketing, and client acquisition service model.

Get Both Courses Together Now & Save

Become a sought after advisor in an under-served niche!

There is more demand for smart college planning than there are advisors who know how to do it well. Learn a proven planning, sales, marketing, and client acquisition service model that will set you apart from your local competitors.

Make a commitment to your community & your business…enroll now, get Parts 1 & 2 together…save $499.


A lot of people ask us this! You don’t have to become a college planning specialist to make Mastering College Pre-Approval™ profitable for your practice. Seeing the scope of the problem, and being willing to incorporate it into your practice, can be helpful, and be an exceptional foundation for a future client relationship.

This is the other big question we get. Once you complete Part 1: The Mechanics of College Funding — How To Do College Planning The Right Way, you’ll feel confident you have the knowledge and can apply it in a way that allows you to nail college funding for your clients. As your confidence grows, you’ll feel empowered to implement what you learn in Part 2, and go out into the community to establish yourself as the college planning expert in your area.

We say this because we’ve experienced it in our own practice. Once you are seen in the community as someone who has this knowledge, word gets out that you can really help Gen-X parents solve their #1 financial fear. Referrals are easier to come by.

The majority of advisors who buy both Parts 1 & 2 together are those who are newly independent or looking for a way to grow their existing firms more effectively and want to get niche focused so that client acquisition & retention become easier.

The technical training is required to unlock the marketing series & practice management course. We want you to be an expert in college planning before we teach you how to build a great practice around it.

The technical training (Part 1: The Mechanics of College Funding — How To Do College Planning The Right Way) is eligible for a total of 8.5 credits continuing education credits (CE) toward the CFP designation. You will be required to pass a quiz after each course module to earn CE credits. Then, we’ll take care of the rest for you and get it submitted on your behalf.
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