I'm on a mission to solve the student loan debt crisis one family at a time.

Advisors & families are blown away when they learn what our firm does to make the college funding process stress free.

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I teach a proven process that eliminates the stress & anxiety of paying for college...


Joe Messinger, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, is partner and director of college planning at Capstone Wealth Partners.
Captone's College Pre Approval™ process guides clients through a process that allows families to save the money they need, and eliminate the stress & anxiety they have around paying for college.
Professional groups and parent organizations frequently ask Joe to speak at their meetings because he is a trusted authority in the area of college planning and funding.  He has a gift for demystifying the college financial aid process, and setting families at ease in this stressful situation.
"Joe is my go to expert for all things college planning. His fee-for-service, fiduciary approach, is a breath of fresh air in a world that has seen a lot of abuse from the insurance industry. He's an excellent speaker and trainer, and I highly recommend his work!"
Alan Moore, MS, CFP®
Director of Speeding Things Up & Co-Founder
XY Planning Network 
Changing The Paradigm & Raising The Bar On College Planning Advice
Joe challenges the status quo, and wants to change the way advisors help families plan for college tuition, without robbing Mom & Dad's retirement.
Through his work with Capstone College Partners, he is on a mission to empower financial planners with the tools they need to help families beat the high cost of college. Now we teach our proprietary process to advisors because we believe American families desperately need our support, and we as an industry have a responsibility to help them. When it comes to college funding, Joe Messinger is here to raise the bar and get more financial advisors trained to better serve our communities.
Attendees to the FPA Columbus Chapter meeting have said...
"He was probably the most informative and relevant speaker I've seen at FPA."
"Very good take on education planning. Informative to me, both personally & professionally."
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